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Air conditioning installation in Adelaide

Are you looking around for Adelaide air conditioning installation? There are many different agencies and specialists from which you can pick.

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We shall examine Zwecks' benefits as they are among the greatest air conditioning installers in Adelaide!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or to learn how we can help with air conditioning installation in Adelaide (contact).

Zwecks Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Adelaide

At Zwecks, we work hard to provide top-notch services at reasonable costs. Every customer's needs are something we strive to meet.

We have a strong reputation for providing dependable services, being upfront about our prices, and producing high-quality work. We anticipate that others will think that we are Adelaide's top air conditioning installers.

Our team consists of only highly skilled and experienced professionals who will provide the proper attention to your needs.

Even on the hottest summer days, we'll install commercial air conditioning in Adelaide to maintain your personal comfort.

Contact Zwecks for hassle-free and good air conditioning installation in Adelaide.


You shouldn't worry about anything because our work complies with the law. With our top-notch services, we'll make sure to meet your needs.


We also provide installation and commercial air conditioning in Adelaide from 8 AM to 5 PM. We are now accessible by phone or online.

What Does Adelaide Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

Our morals are primarily concerned with superiority and excellence. With no additional fees, we provide our consumers with affordable rates. We can assist you in getting started if Adelaide air conditioner installation is something you're interested in.


When you choose Zwecks for your air conditioning installation in Adelaide, the best service is guaranteed. From the customer service team to our core technical team, we honestly work to meet all of your air conditioning needs.


Your demands will receive the right attention from our personnel, which consists of employees with the highest level of training and expertise. 


Zwecks can assist if you're seeking for Daikin air conditioning installation in Adelaide. We also provide installations, repairs, and servicing for air conditioners made by Carrier and Fujitsu.


Request a free quotation right away if you're curious to learn more about Adelaide air conditioning installation! To discover more about the options that will best suit your needs, you can speak with the staff.

Prices for Air conditioning installation in Adelaide

Standard single storey back-to-back installation:

Starts at $639.99

Starts at $739.99

Starts at $839.99

  • Installation of the air conditioner by a Licensed Installers

  • Installation of a split system air conditioner unit

  • Compliance certificate (mandatory in VIC and ACT)

  • Up to 2.5 meters of pipework connecting the indoor head unit and outdoor compressor unit

  • Up to 20 meters of internal roof cable run and connect to an existing and available circuit. Please check the switchboard for capacity and availability. Does not include additional electrical work, such as adding a new circuit.

  • PVC ducting to conceal pipework and electrical connections

  • RCD and Weatherproof safety isolation switch mounted near the outdoor unit

Please Note: All additional costs are based on individual requirements. Prices include GST.


Deliver . Install . Repair . Support

Zwecks technicians are consistent, trustworthy, experts and committed to their work.

A national warranty and installation company that serves all across Australia and New Zealand.





Explore Zwecks: Adelaide's Leading Air Conditioning and Installation Company

Switching to an Adelaide air conditioning system and installation that consumes less energy is crucial because energy prices are rising quickly. Whatever your cooling needs, Zwecks is prepared to assist you. You can be sure that you will get the most out of our services thanks to our knowledgeable experts.

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