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Audio & Video

At Zwecks we offer Home theatre, Surround system installation and support services backed by the Zwecks satisfaction guarantee.

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Home Theatre Hook-up & Setup

Starts at $129

Surround Sound System Setup

Starts at $119

TV and Home Theater Support

Starts at $99

Home Stereo Connectivity Support

Starts at $99

Streaming Video Device Setup & Support

Starts at $79

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Frequently Asked Questions

Audio & Video

1. Should I have anything on hand for my service?

You'll need to have all of the necessary cables to connect your devices. This includes HDMI, optical, audio and power cables.


2. What happens if the problem requires parts I don't have on hand?

We can schedule a follow-up service once you have your replacement parts. Please be aware that Zwecks does not repair hardware so if the problem requires replacement of a part inside a device, we recommend contacting the manufacturer.


3. I'm new to streaming services. Can I get help selecting the best streaming service for my needs?

Of course. After installation, your tech can guide you in setting up your preferred streaming services like Netflix, Foxtel, Stan, Disney+, iView, Stan, Kayo, HayU and Amazon Prime.

4. What will you find in a typical home theatre system?

A typical home theatre system consists of the following: 

  • AV receiver 

  • Speakers

  • Projectors 

  • Source player

5. How much does home theatre system installation cost?

The average cost to construct a home entertainment system is $17,500, but the real price can range from $2,000 to $63,000.

6. Why do you need a professional home theatre installer?

Calling the experts for professional home theatre installation is the best way to avoid expensive errors. If you want to experience a hassle-free installation process, get in touch with our well-trained and skilled home theatre installers. 

7. Are home theatre installations a good investment?

In any situation where there are restrictions on money, space, or time, home theatres in a box are a worthwhile investment. If you want a high-end home theatre system that works well for both music and movies, HTIBs are not the greatest option.

8. What should you know before you install a home theatre in your home?

Installing a home theatre typically costs between $20,000 and $70,000. The average cost of converting a basement space into a dedicated home theatre with carpets, risers, seats, acoustic materials, and a complete sound and video setup is roughly $50,000.

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Zwecks offers in-home services from 9 AM-9 PM.
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