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Computer Repair & Help

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Computer Tune-up

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Data Back-up or Transfer

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New Computer Setup

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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Repair & Help

1. What do I do if I'm not really sure what the problem is?

That's why we're here! Some customers prefer to book a Zwecks Now! service. A tech will assess your computer remotely to either resolve the issue or to diagnose the problem. If your issue requires an in-home visit, we can schedule a follow-up service. Zwecks Now! is a great value, immediate and available now.


2. Can Zwecks replace my hard drive?

No, Zwecks cannot replace your hard drive because we do not repair hardware. If your problem requires hard drive replacement, we can only diagnose the issue, not repair it.


3. My computer is very old. Can Zwecks help?

Zwecks can try to help, but sometimes repairing older computers is more costly than replacing the computer altogether. If your computer is more than 4-5 years old, consider your options. And if you need help setting up your new computer, Zwecks is here to assist.


4. Can Zwecks help to add memory to my computer?

No, Zwecks does not add memory to your computer. Adding memory requires access to the inside of your computer, and Zwecks does not provide hardware support. If the problem you have requires additional memory, we can only diagnose the issue.


5. What is included in the Computer Repair & Help service from Zwecks?

Zwecks offers a comprehensive Computer Repair & Help service for our customers, and it includes the following: • Diagnosis and troubleshooting of a single issue • Instant support through Zwecks NOW depending on the nature of your request.


6. How much does Zwecks' Computer Repair & Help service cost?

Zwecks' Computer Repair & Help service begins at $79 for remote service, $99 for in-home service and $0 for members of Smart Home Plus. Additional charges relate to problems your computer may be having and are for covering the cost of troubleshooting. • If your computer starts, but crashes or freezes right away, this is an additional $30. • If your computer is making loud noises, this is an additional $30.

How can I find the best computer repairs near me?

When looking around for computer repair shops, you will find many options. However, you should do your research and call the experts before booking your appointment. Make sure, you clarify all your doubts over the call and then go ahead with choosing the best computer repair service near you. 

What are some quick computer maintenance tips?

To avoid computer repairing, you can use these quick maintenance tips. Ensure to maintain your computer to avoid costly repairs. 

  • Update the software on your computer.

  • To prevent overcharging, unplug.

  • Get rid of unnecessary programmes and files from your computer

  • Conduct routine antivirus scans

How can you get in touch with our computer repair team?

Simply connect with Zwecks and speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives. They will learn more about the problems you are having, go through our services and prices with you, and immediately schedule an appointment that works for you.

 Are your technicians who repair computers qualified for the job?

You would love to know that our technicians are not only knowledgeable but they also possess the right qualifications to network wirelessly, troubleshoot computers, install applications, and more. All of our experts constantly participate in training courses, keeping them up to date and prepared to handle both straightforward and incredibly complicated circumstances.

When should you consider computer repairing services?

Here are some reasons when you could opt for computer repairing services. 

  • You Use Your Device Mostly for Internet Browsing

  • You'd Like to Improve Specific Functions

  • Your computer is Older than Seven Years

  • Major Components are Failing

  • Multiple Upgrades Cost as Much as a New Computer

Computer Tune-up

7. When should I book a tune-up versus a troubleshooting or repair service?

A tune-up is appropriate when your computer is properly functioning but seems a little sluggish. Many customers book regular tune-ups a few times a year - depending on your usage - to keep their computer in top-top shape. It's best to prevent problems rather than waiting until you have one to deal with.

8. What is included in a Computer Tune-up with Zwecks?

A Computer Tune-up service with Zwecks includes the following services: • Increasing the speed and performance of your computer • Performing system cleanup and defragmentation • Getting rid of any unnecessary programs • Cleaning up physical hardware • Virus removal (extra charges apply) • Instant online assistance with Zwecks NOW depending on the nature of your request


9. How much does Zwecks' Computer Tune-up service cost?

The base price for Zwecks' Computer Tune-up service is $35 and is $0 for members of Smart Home Plus. If you would like in-home service instead of Zwecks NOW, the base price is $79.


10. What happens if a technician finds a virus on my computer?

If a technician finds a virus on your computer and your Computer Tune-up service ends up requiring virus removal, you may have to pay extra charges, but you will be notified beforehand so it's not a surprise. The good news is that Zwecks can help you remove the virus with our Virus Removal service.


Data Back-up or Transfer

11. Does a data transfer or back-up take a long time?

The more data you have, the longer your service will take. If you have a very large amount of data, your tech may start the process and walk you through the remaining steps.


12. What is included in a Data Back-up or Transfer with Zwecks?

A Data Back-up or Transfer service with Zwecks includes many useful services for backing up existing data or transferring files. Here is a list of what our service includes: • Creating a back-up of up to 10GB of data to a CD or DVD • Transferring data to an external hard drive • Backing up data to the cloud


13. How much does Zwecks' Data Back-up or Transfer service cost?

Zwecsk' Data Back-up or Transfer service has a base price of $129. For members of Smart Home Plus, the base price is $69, a savings of $60. Additional charges may apply if you plan to back up a lot of data. For transfers between 10GB – 100GB, you'll pay an extra $15. For between 100GB and 1TB, you'll be charged an extra $25. And for data larger than 1TB, you'll pay an additional $50.


14. Will Zwecks provide me with an external hard drive for back-ups?

No, we do not supply external hard drives for this Data Back-up or Transfer service. You will need to have your own external hard drive.


15. I need to recover data from a damaged computer or drive. Can Zwecks help?

Unfortunately, no. Our Data Back-up or Transfer service does not include data recovery from damaged hard drives.

New Computer Setup

16. Will my tech show me how to use my new computer?

Your Zwecks technician makes sure that your computer is functioning properly and ready to use. You can ask your tech specific questions about how it works. If you would prefer to have an hour's worth of hands-on help, you can book a computer training session for just $79.


17. What is included in a Computer Installation & Setup with Zwecks?

When you book a Computer Installation and Setup with Zwecks, your tech will: • Perform system updates • Remove unwanted programs • Help you setup user accounts • Test software and hardware functionality • Optimize computer start-up • Setup your user profiles • Help with syncing a printer, an external hard drive, a speaker, or an additional monitor


18. How to find a Computer Installation & Setup service near me?

When you book a Computer Installation and Setup service, a Zwecks technician in your area will be assigned to you. Zwecks services the entire Australia, and you can find out more information by browsing our locations page.


19. How much does a Computer Installation & Setup cost with Zwecks?

The base price for a Computer Installation and Setup with Zwecks is $89 and $69 if you have a membership. An additional $20 charge applies if your computer is still in the box.


20. How do I set up Windows 10 on my new computer?

Essentially, after getting everything plugged in, including the monitor, keyboard and mouse, which Zwecks can help you with, all you need to do is follow the prompts to configure Windows 10 to suit your preferences. If you need a more comprehensive overview of how to use Windows 10, you can book a computer training session with Zwecks.


21. How do I set up email on my new computer?

Setting up email on your new computer varies depending on the type of email client you're using, such as Microsoft Outlook, or if you prefer to access email through a web browser. Zwecks offers an Email or Online Account Setup or Support service to help you configure email settings on either your desktop or mobile device.

Printer Troubleshooting or Repair

22. Should I have anything on hand for my service?

Please have paper available for test-printing and be sure the printer has ink!


23. What if a part inside my printer needs repair?

Zwecks does not repair hardware so if the problem requires replacement parts, we can only diagnose the issue.

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