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Most common types of air conditioners in Australia

Our distinctive nation benefits from huge plains, stunning scenery, and a warmer (or just hot) climate. It is understandable why air conditioners are so standard, given that Australia frequently experiences temperatures of 50 degrees or more.

Whether you intend to replace your old one or it's your first time, purchasing an air conditioning system can be very difficult. There are many things to think about, such as your needs, budget, and area size.

You are not limited to choosing one sort of air conditioning equipment, either. You have various options to choose from, adding to the stress of the purchasing process.

Air cons make our homes comfortable so we can continue appreciating life in challenging circumstances. However, it can be challenging to determine which air conditioning system is best for you, given the wide variety available.

The various types of air conditioning in Australia are covered in this article, along with their advantages.

Different types of aircon systems

You might be interested in learning more about the many types of air conditioning systems out there to choose the one that best serves this critical demand.

Making the appropriate decision will help you maintain energy efficiency and comfort in your house.

A multi-split air conditioning system

Multi-split AC is another option you might want to consider. Its design is built on a split system, including interior and outdoor units.

As the name suggests, the multi-split system contains multiple indoor units rather than simply one. Each one is connected to a single unit outside the home.

Although some systems are made specifically for cooling, multi-split units can be utilized for heating and cooling.

Consider the pros and cons of a multi-split air conditioner before deciding.


  • Energy efficient: A multi-split air conditioner can assist lower operating and power costs by heating or cooling rooms. A multi-split unit is often regarded as the most energy-efficient style of air conditioning currently available. It uses a single outdoor compressor to power many inside air conditioners.

  • Affordability: This unit is less expensive than purchasing many single split systems. It is inexpensive to install, repair, maintain, and replace.


  • Problems with the compressor: If there is a fault with the outdoor unit, all indoor units will cease working.

  • Temperatures: All the devices must be set to the same setting (heat or cool); you cannot set some devices to cool and others to heat.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

A central fan coil is included with ducted air conditioners. The term for this specific fan coil comes from the fact that it is hidden in the ceiling and connects to every room in the home by a system of ducts.

You can utilize ducted air conditioning equipment to chill the entire house, not just a single room. Temperature-controlled zones, a feature of some systems, even allow you to set different temperatures for different rooms simultaneously.

The sensor's placement on the wall allows for temperature-controlled areas. The zone controller makes it simple to adjust the settings, including the temperature.


Minimalist: Those who value minimalist decor in their homes will also enjoy this kind of AC. Ducted systems are not hung on your wall, as was previously described. So, your air conditioner won't interfere with the decor, whether in the living room or the bedroom.

Efficiency: Air conditioners have a poor reputation for wasting electricity. But ducted air conditioners might help you save money. You don't need to set up multiple systems to chill each room. It lessens redundant processes while letting you keep your cozy house. Additionally, you can save your electric expenditures by turning off the zones in the rooms that don't require cooling.


Space requirements: Some homes cannot accept this sort of AC due to space constraints. It might not be viable to install ducted air conditioning in your home if you have a small amount of space.

Inadequacy: Some homes need cooling in one room. If you use ducted AC, cooling one room won't be cost-effective. You'll wind up spending more money than you should.

Portable AC system

A portable AC system is an option if you want a freestanding air conditioner. This style provides a more relaxed space if you require this advantage in one room.

Most other forms of air conditioners, including portable ACs, operate similarly. They are exposed to outdoor air through an exhaust duct run through a window. The compressor will then cycle the air, releasing the hot air.


  • Simple Installation: The unit's exhaust hose requires a window. Additionally, there ought to be a nearby outlet where you may plug it in. Typically, you can complete the installation process without a professional. But make sure you adhere to the instructions strictly.

  • Mobility: The unit is portable and may be moved to another room. Unlike other sorts, this AC allows you great options.


  • Less Effective: A portable air conditioner's compact size has pros and cons. Compared to other AC kinds, it is less efficient. The device will consume more energy.

  • Noise: Because the unit will be placed in your bedroom, you must put up with the noise it makes. However, if you do, you'll also need to slow down the cooling process.

There are many air conditioners types widely available in the market today, including variations in brand, type, and other factors. Consider the amount of cooling you'll require for the entire house or a particular room before making your choice.

You should also be aware of the maintenance needs and particular specifications of the sort of device you intend to purchase. To choose the type of air conditioning unit ideal for you, weigh every consideration, including performance, noise, cost, and aesthetics.

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