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Zwecks offers installation services for all types of smart home devices at an affordable cost.

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Smart Security Cam Installation

Starts at $129

Smart Lock Installation and & Setup

Starts at $99

Smart Device Hook-up

Starts at $99

Video Doorbell Installation

Starts at $99

Smart Garage Installation

Starts at $99


Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Camera

1. Can you install a hard-wired smart camera?

Hard-wired cameras do not have a power cord that plugs into an outlet. Instead, they are wired directly to an electrical source. Hard-wired smart camera installation should be performed by a licensed electrician and is not a service provided by Zwecks at this time.


2. Can you install my camera if the brand of my device is not listed as an option?

The smart camera installation process is fairly similar across brands. Book your service selecting "Other" as the brand and provide the make and model. If we can't support your device, we'll let you know.


3. Where can I install a smart camera?

Battery-powered smart cameras can be placed virtually anywhere you have adequate WiFi. For outdoor installation, be sure your camera is rated for outdoor usage. Smart cameras with power cords will need to be installed within distance of a power outlet. If you're installing a camera on the exterior of your home and don't have an exterior outlet, check for a nearby outlet on the interior side of the install location. We may be able to drill a hole through the exterior wall large enough to utilize an interior power outlet. We recommend sealing any gaps in the wall after your service.

Smart Lock

4. What is required to install & set up a smart lock with Zwecks?

All you need is your smart lock on hand and a Wi-Fi connection — Zwecks takes care of the rest!


5. Do I need to provide any materials for my Smart Lock Installation?

No, the only thing you need is the smart door lock you want installed. If you need additional door locks installed, you can add that onto your service at an additional, reduced cost.


6. Where can I buy a smart lock?

You can buy different brands of smart locks at hardware stores, electronic stores, or from online retailers such as Amazon.


7. How do I find a Smart Lock Installation & Setup service near me?

To find a Zwecks Smart Door Lock Installation & Setup service near you, visit our locations page. Zwecks provides installation services for all brands of smart door locks including Level, August, Nest, SimpliSafe, Kwikset, Honeywell, Lockly, and more. Our techs are experts in all smart home categories.

Smart Device Hookup

8. Which smart devices are supported?

New types of smart home devices are introduced regularly. If you don't see the appropriate installation service for your device in the Smart Home category, simply book this service. If we can't support your device, we'll let you know.

Video Doorbell

9. Where can I install a video doorbell?

Battery-powered video doorbells can be placed virtually anywhere you have adequate WiFi. For hard-wired models, you'll need to install it where there is an existing, functioning doorbell delivering sufficient power. If there isn't enough power, your tech can provide and install a new transformer at an additional cost. If you don't have power at the desired install location, you'll need to contact an electrician.


10. What else should I be aware of?

We recommend installing the doorbell in a location that provides a clear view of your entryway. Some manufacturers offer accessory plates that adjust the angle of your doorbell providing an improved view.


11. Are there any other requirements?

Most video doorbells require a functioning chime inside your home. If you don't have an existing chime or if it's not compatible, some manufacturers offer a chime accessory device.



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