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Fixed Rangehood

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rangehood Installations

1. How long does it take to install a rangehood?

The rangehood typically require between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours of installation labour depending on the size and the number of supports required. Generally, the larger the range hood, the more time allowed for installation.


2. How much electricity does a range hood use?

Your range hood operates on an economical 25 kWh per year. Range hoods use anywhere from 70 to 150 watts. When used as often as a conventional electric range, the yearly energy consumption of a range hood is only about 25 kWh.


3. Why is my range hood fan not working?

When the fan on your range hood stops working, the two most common problems are a broken on and off switch and a burnt-out fan motor


4. Can you duct Rangehood into ceiling?

Can my range hood be ducted to the ceiling space rather than outside? No! Australian building and fire regulations state that range hoods must either recycle back into the room or duct to the outside. Ducting to the outside is far more effective and cheaper in the long run than sending air back into the room



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