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Split System – Size up to 4kw

Starts at $639.99

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So, that's the ballpark guide, but you really need to do an accurate calculation before buying your air con, or else you'll run into these issues:

  • Models that are too powerful for the room size may run frequent short cycles to achieve the target temperature. This can result in the room getting too cold or hot, inadequate dehumidification (i.e. not drying the air enough, making the room feel less comfortable), increased power consumption and running costs, and wear and tear on the system.

  • Underpowered models may have to run more often at maximum output, which could dry the air too much and create excessive wear.

Air Conditioner Installations

1. What is a split system air conditioner?

Split system air conditioners are more effective at cooling a home than large air conditioners. A split system air conditioner consists of 2 parts: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by ducts holding refrigerant gas. The system works together to cool large rooms or multiple rooms. Split systems need to be installed by a professions technician so make sure to factor installation costs into your budget.

2. What is a Reverse cycle Air conditioner?

Most split systems have reverse` cycle capability. Reverse cycle refers to the ability to both cool and heat. In cooling mode, a split system removes heat from the inside and transfers it outside using refrigerant gas stored in the pipes that connect the indoor and outdoor units. In heating mode, the reverse occurs: heat is taken from outside and transferred indoors.

While reverse-cycle systems can be one of the cheapest ways to heat your home during winter, if you already have another heating system in place or only experience mild winters, you may want to purchase a cooling-only aircon instead, which will cost you less.


3. What size air conditioner do I need?

Here's our rough guide to the air conditioner capacity (size) you'll need for a particular room size (in square metres). 



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