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Mobile & Tablets

Zwecks offers Mobile Device Setup and Support services backed by the Zwecks satisfaction guarantee

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New Mobile Device Setup

Starts at $79

Mobile Device Support

Starts at $79

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile & Tablets

1. Will my tech show me how to use my new mobile device?

Your tech will demonstrate that your mobile device is functioning properly and is ready for use. If you have a few specific questions, feel free to ask your tech. Don't know where to begin? For an hour of hands-on help, book a mobile device support session for just $79. Please understand that techs may not be knowledgeable about third-party apps.


2. Can you show me how to use my apps?

We can definitely show you how to install and remove apps as well as basics about your device, but your tech may not be familiar with the specific apps that you use.


3. Do you repair cracked screens?

No, Zwecks doesn't provide hardware repair services at this time.

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Service as soon as today

In-home service from 9am-9pm. Book online or by phone in minutes for service as soon as today!

Zwecks offers in-home services from 9 AM-9 PM.
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