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TV Installation

TV installation services offered by Zwecks.

TV installation in Australia varies from customer to customer depending on many factors like the TV model, size, choice of installation, what kind of wall they have for wall mounting and more.

This is a complete guide to figuring out what kind of TV installation fits you best and what you should go for.


There are usually two types of Installations. A table-top TV installation and a wall-mount TV installation.


While deciding where to place your TV is completely your choice, sometimes it is the best option in certain circumstances. You can opt for a table-top TV installation in case:


  • You are living in a rental property

  • Wall mount TV installation is over your budget 

  • Your TV is big in size and you need external help installing

When it comes to wall mounting, there are three ways to go about it. Flat, Tilt and Turn, also known as Full Motion Mounts. 


  • Flat wall mount is usually the cheapest option for wall mounting TV and they do not offer any movement

  • Tilt brackets offer a finite range of movement - enabling viewers to move it up or down

  • Turn or Full Motion Mounts allow you to adjust your TV up, down, left, and right, to offer full comfort and are usually a more high-end choice

TV installation in Australia varies depending on:


  • Size and Type of TV: Over 80 inch TVs are exceptionally large and heavy, hence, they might require two technicians, increasing the labor fees. Some TVs, in fact, come alongside a specialised bracket, while others may require a custom-made bracket.

  • Wall Type: Wall Mounting charges differ from wall to wall. Gyprock walls with wooden studs make the best surfaces for wall-mounting TV installations, hence they are cheaper compared to wall mounting for walls made of brick. Those would need additional equipment such as wedge anchors and often takes more time, therefore costing slightly more. 

  • Location: The TV Wall Mounting cost will also depend on how far an existing powerpoint (GPU) is from the customer’s desired location of the TV. If this distance is greater than the length of the TV’s power cord, an extension lead may be required – adding a slight extra cost.

Types of TV Installations

Why you should go for a table-top TV installation

What Wall Mount TV Installation looks like

TV Installation cost in Australia

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Select a Service

Table top Install (up to 64”)

Starts at $149.99

Table top Install (65” to 75”)

Starts at $179.99

Wall Mount Install (up to 64”) 

Starts at $179.99

Wall Mount Install (65” to 75”)

Starts at $279.99

Frequently Asked Questions

TV Installation
Do I need to provide any materials for my service, other than the TV?

The only materials you need to provide for your TV mounting service are the necessary cables to connect your TV to any of your AV components. Depending on the types of receivers, speakers, and other equipment you have, you might need HDMI and/or optical cables as well as audio and power cords.

2. Can my TV be mounted above a fireplace?

Yes, you can have your TV mounted above a fireplace as long as the wall material is made of drywall or sheetrock.

3. How can I hide wires after my TV wall mount installation?

Zwecks provides many options for hiding wires after your TV wall mount installation to achieve a neat, clean appearance. Included in your service are neatly dressed wires, but cord masking and in-wall cord concealment services are offered for an additional cost.

4. Can you mount a TV on any surface?

TVs can be mounted on most surfaces, including drywall that's screwed to metal or wood studs and brick. TVs cannot be mounted to plaster, tile, or stone walls.

5. What type of TV mount do I need?

The type of TV mount you need depends on the screen size and weight of your TV. Different mounts offer a wide variety of viewing options as well.

6. What's included in Zwecks' TV mounting service?

Zewcks offers a same-day TV mounting service and has service techs available 7 days a week. Zwecks' TV mounting service includes: • Installation of a mounting bracket • Mounting of one TV • Connecting all necessary video and audio cables and components • Neat dressing of wires • Configuring peripheral devices • In-wall or external cord concealment services (at an additional cost)

7. Where can I put my cable box after a TV wall installation?

You can put your cable box wherever you'd like after a TV wall installation. Many people choose to keep their cable box in an entertainment center that's placed near or underneath the mounted TV.

8. How much does it cost to get a TV mounted with Zwecks?

Zwecks TV mounting services start at $69 and up depending on the size. Additional charges may apply if you have a particularly large TV, add on a TV mount, or choose to get in-wall cord concealment or external cord masking services.

9. How do I find a TV mounting service near me?

TV mounting services from Zwecks are available throughout Australia.

10. How high should I mount my TV?

The ideal height for TV mounting depends mainly on four factors: the size of the TV, how far away you'll be, your eye level height, and the viewing angle. As a rule, the center of a 42” TV should be mounted about 56 inches from the floor, a 55” TV around 61 inches, a 65” TV around 65 inches, and a 70” TV around 67 inches. But the exact mounting height will vary depending on your eye level, which will vary depending on the height of your seats, couch, or bed. Per the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, you’ll want the TV to be mounted for a viewing angle of not more than 30 degrees. Most people casually sit between 10 to 15 degrees reclined.

11. What kind of TV mount should I use?

Full-motion (aka articulating) mounts offer the most versatility. They can extend from the wall, swivel side to side, tilt up and down, and even rotate. However, if you want your TV to be flush with the wall, then you should choose a low-profile (aka flat or fixed) or tilting mount.


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