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TV installation in Adelaide

We are leading TV installers in Adelaide specialising in customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff can handle all facets of design, installation, and training, and we take great pleasure in our client care and attention to detail.

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Whether you’re looking for table top installation or mount wall installation, we are here to help.

You may feel secure knowing that we are completely licensed, insured, and qualified while working on your installation.

We pride ourselves on quality and pay careful attention to every little thing. We put our clients' requirements first and promise complete pleasure. Zwecks should be your one-stop solution for tv wall mount installation in Adelaide.

Adelaide’s TV Wall Installation Services from Zwecks

Our professionals at Zwecks have years of experience mounting TVs on walls, and we are capable of mounting any TV. We carefully inspect your installation location to ensure your mounting bracket is securely fastened. 


We line and attach the TV by your seating position while stress-testing your bracket. We are experts at hiding wires, so there isn't a cluttered appearance from cords everywhere. 


When your new TV is installed, we adjust the service menu settings to offer the best possible video based on the illumination in your room. 

We demonstrate how to operate your new TV, tidy up the installation site, and wish you many years of enjoyable TV watching! We strive hard to provide the finest outcome for you with our tv installation in Adelaide Hills.

Cost for TV Wall Mount Installation in Adelaide

TV Wall Mount Installation

Starts at $179.99

Starts at $279.99


  • Installation of a TV on existing surface (eg; on a cabinet)

  • Connect up to 2 pre-existing plug & play components

  • Tune TV to Free to Air

  • Connect Smart TV to Wi-Fi Network

  • Connect to an existing TV streaming service

  • Basic customer education on remote and TV menu

  • Arrange cables neatly with coil or ties


  • Supply of Cables; removal of old TV


Deliver . Install . Repair . Support

Zwecks technicians are consistent, trustworthy, experts and committed to their work.

A national warranty and installation company that serves all across Australia and New Zealand.





Cost for TV Table Top Installation in Adelaide

TV Table Top Installation

Starts at $149.99

Starts at $179.99


  • Installation of a TV on existing surface (eg; on a cabinet)

  • Connect up to 2 pre-existing plug & play components

  • Tune TV to Free to Air

  • Connect to an existing TV streaming service

  • Basic customer education on remote and TV menu

  • Arrange cables neatly with coil or ties


  • Supply of Cables; removal of old TV

Why Choose Zwecks for your TV Installation in Adelaide?

With the energy prices increasing rapidly, it is important to upgrade to a power-efficient Brisbane air conditioning and installation. Regardless of your needs, Zwecks is all set to help you with your cooling needs. Our certified installers ensure that our services bring the most value for your money.

Friendly and prompt service

90% of our jobs are completed within 48 hours of the time of booking because we are sensitive to the demands of our clients.  We are passionate about working quickly to get jobs booked and completed. While we strive to complete tasks as quickly as possible, we never sacrifice quality of work, even if it requires spending more time on them. Most importantly, we will always be kind and friendly.

100% Customer Satisfaction Assured

Three criteria are used to judge an excellent service: pricing, quality, and turnaround time. Our goal is to deliver the best possible service as quickly and affordably as we can. We are rated as one of the best TV wall mount installers in Adelaide . We maintain reasonable and competitive pricing.

Professional Installers

We are focused on providing our customers with top-notch and professional TV installation services in Adelaide. Our experts are highly skilled and knowledgeable and bring only the best to your table!

For any assistance with TV installation services, you can contact our expert team today!

Zwecks offers Peace of Mind guarantee for all the installation and support services.
Zwecks Peace of Mind Guarantee

Your peace of mind is

our mission

We're committed to your complete satisfaction with our service. If you're not 100% happy, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Zwecks; Your Perfect Partner For TV Point Installation in Adelaide

The ideal design for a room's décor incorporates all of life's necessities. At Zwecks, we think that when an entertainment unit is properly constructed, the TV, speakers, and other components should be a part of the décor.

Are you looking around for a professional TV installer in Adelaide Hills? Contact our experts today!

What are the benefits of hiring professional wall mount TV installers in Adelaide?

If the idea of having to install your own TV makes you anxious, take a moment to relax. You do not have to experience this alone. Our professionals will help you to install tv on the wall in Adelaide. Let’s explore how we can simplify the process for you.

It's an Easy Process.

What will you do about integrating all the various gadgets, even if you choose to take a chance and mount the television yourself? Our competent TV installation services will assist you in navigating the complexities that come with setting up your new media den, including cables and power cords.

Less Anxiety, More Satisfaction.

You want to swiftly install the TV so that you may unwind and enjoy some entertainment. How do you know which bolts and anchors suit each kind of wall the best? Do you know what kind of mount you need that will specifically work with your TV? If the picture fades off, what about getting access to antenna repairs? There’s not need to stress anymore, because our experts will help you with TV wall mount installation in Adelaide.

Excellent Wiring

Unfortunately, a lot of people who attempt to install their own Television system are unaware of the best wiring and methods for achieving your goals. 


If the placement creates problems along the line, low-quality cables may deteriorate and even cause great wires to suffer. 


Let the experts handle it for you! 

Service as soon as today

In-home service from 9am-9pm. Book online or by phone in minutes for service as soon as today!

Zwecks offers in-home services from 9 AM-9 PM.
Zwecks provides all national warranty and repair services.

All your tech needs covered

If you're not satisfied with the membership in the first 30 days, we will refund the cost of the membership, no questions asked.

Client’s Corner

Zwecks Technician at work.

We’re Technicians

We are the medics to those machines which are in need of technical assistance. We are a community that enjoys solving problems and welcome challenges. We are passionate about our work and our customers.

Zwecks Technician Examining Air Conditioner

We’re Professionals

We are timely, knowledgable, and courteous. We treat our customers’ homes and belongings with utmost respect. We’re honest about our abilities. If we don’t know the best answer, we’ll investigate and provide an accurate follow-up in a timely manner.

Zwecks Technician with Broken Screen

We’re here to help

We truly care about our customers. We’re happy to answer questions and provide customers with additional information and education on-site. We use our knowledge and passion to recommend useful tech products and services.

Why hire a TV installation service in Adelaide through Zwecks?

Booking TV point installation in Adelaide from Zwecks makes it simpler (and safer) to install your Television set. Having a professional means you won't have to determine the optimal height for installation or how to safely move your TV. 

Are you looking around for a professional TV installer in Adelaide Hills? Contact our experts today!


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Customer Reviews

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Trustworthy professionals Zwecks did a great job with installing a TV for my home in Adelaide. They reached on time and did their work in a professional manner.

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The experts were polite, professional and efficient in their work. They were very patient while installing a television for me in Adelaide.

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Excellent job. Courteous and well behaved technicians. I strongly recommend hiring TV installation services in Adelaide from Zwecks.


FAQs on TV Installation Services In Adelaide

What is included in the TV mounting service from Zwecks?

Zewcks has service technicians on call every day of the week and provides same-day TV mounting services. 

The TV mounting service from Zwecks comprises the following: 

  • Setting up a mounting bracket

  • Mounting a single TV

  • Connecting all required audio and video cables and components

  • Clearing the wires

  • Setting up auxiliary devices; and In-wall or external cord concealing services (at an additional cost)


Do I need to supply anything else besides the TV for my service in Adelaide?

Only the cords required to link your TV to any of your AV components are required to be provided by you for your TV installation service. You may require HDMI and/or optical connections in addition to audio and power cords, depending on the kinds of receivers, speakers, and other equipment you have.

How do I install a curved TV on the wall?

Curved TVs can be wall mounted in a manner similar to regular TVs. Drilling holes, positioning the bracket, mounting the TV to the wall mount, and lifting the TV onto the bracket are all required steps. The only distinction is that you must locate a mount designed specifically for curved TVs. You can ask your local appliance store or check to see whether your model is compatible with TV mounts made by your manufacturer.

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