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Quick tips to clean air conditioners

Because summer is well underway and sweltering hot days are now the norm, your air conditioner has been operating nonstop. Of course, it's preferable to have a specialist come and examine the unit, check the ductwork, and ensure it's running efficiently for some air conditioning systems (like central AC).

However, if you have a window or portable air conditioner, you may clean and maintain it without paying for labor or a new system.

Call experts to clean air con today!

How frequently an AC unit should be cleaned?

When cleaning a window air conditioner, filters and coils should be your primary areas of attention.

Filters remove dust from the air, but when they're clogged, your air conditioner has to work harder and consume more energy to chill your house, increasing costs without doing any good. Make sure coils are free of debris and dust because they assist in moving hot and cold air. Let us help you understand how to clean the air conditioner.

Cleaning a Window Air Conditioner

Offset the device

Before operating an electrical device, it's usually a good idea to unhook the cord and turn off the power for safety reasons.

Take the front cover off and clean it

A front cover secured with tabs, knobs, or screws will vary depending on your device. To ensure you know how to take off the front cover and open your air conditioner, consult the instructions.

Take the filter off

If you're having trouble finding the filter, read your handbook. It's usually on the front of the device.

Find the coils

The evaporator coils are located inside the front of most window air conditioners, while the condenser coils are located at the back (outside).

Coil cleaning

Use a gentle brush or cloth to remove debris from the coils. Use a spray bottle with water that has a little layer of soap to remove any remaining grime.

Put a new front cover on

Before reinstalling the front cover, ensure the entire unit is dry.

If the debris is difficult to remove, try adding a small amount of light detergent or dish soap—but not enough soap that it becomes very foamy.

If you need a professional to clean the air conditioning filter, call the best around you!

Tips to clean air conditioner

If you are wondering how to clean air con then these tips will help you understand everything better.

A metal or plastic grate is attached to the front of your air conditioner as the face panel (or grille cover). It will be fastened to your device with screws, clips, tabs, or both. For precise instructions on how to remove it, go to your user handbook.

On some versions, the filter could be located inside the face panel. In that case, clean the face panel according to the manufacturer's recommendations for removing the filter.

Clean the inside with a vacuum

Clean out the cabinet or interior of your air conditioner with a vacuum. This contains the condenser at the back, the fan and blower in the middle, the evaporator at the front, and the drain pan at the bottom of the unit.

Pay close attention to cleaning the evaporator and condenser's tiny aluminum fins. To prevent the fins from being bent or harmed, put a soft brush attachment on your vacuum hose and suction in the same direction as the fins (vertically or up and down).

Clean up the fins

Bent fins can negatively impact the performance of your air conditioner on the evaporator or condenser, which can also cause an early failure. Put on gloves and a knife or fin comb just above or below the bent sections in the gap between the fins.

When the bent fins are straight, gently comb or run the knife in the same direction (parallel to) the surrounding, unaffected fins.

Clean air conditioner outside unit

The outdoor unit is a little challenging to clean. To start, you must remove the fuse that operates the air conditioner and suction the condenser fins on the unit's top. After that, clear up any dust or debris that can obstruct airflow with a soft-bristled vacuum attachment.

Remove the fan from the external unit without disrupting the electrical connections by unscrewing the top grill. Clean up any dust or dirt from the fan using a moist cloth. Spray the interior of the vacant air conditioner with a water hose at a moderate pressure before reassembling everything. Before restarting the device, let it dry.

To clean air conditioner ducts, you need to call the experts. Check for reputed AC cleaning services before making your final decision.

How to clean air con vents?

Vent cleaning is not that difficult. You will want a vacuum, a screwdriver, a broom, and a cleaning brush to clean the vents.

You should follow these methods to clean air conditioner vents in your home.

  • Your HVAC system's electricity should be turned off.

  • Air duct coverings should be unscrewed and removed. Remove all the dirt and debris using the cleaning brush. You may have to use soap and water if the covers are filthy.

  • The air vent should be thoroughly cleaned using your vacuum. Since a regular vacuum won't have enough power to clean the vents effectively, you might need to hire a heavy-duty vacuum.

  • The ceiling grills can be cleaned using a vacuum. If you have allergies or asthma, or if dust tends to fall on these, be sure to wear protection for your face and eyes while this is being done.

  • Reattach all covers, then turn your HVAC system back on.

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