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Zwecks - Technician Application

Become a Tech Today!

Zwecks is a nationwide, on-demand tech support platform. Zwecks provides affordable, same-day, on-site tech support services such as installations, setups, troubleshooting and repairs. Our goal is to make technology accessible to everyone and it all starts with you!

This position is an independent contractor role. The opportunities available to technicians that choose to use our platform are matched based on your chosen availability and the demand in your area. Our independent contractor Techs are located nationwide and have the flexibility and freedom to set their own schedules and choose which jobs they accept based on their skill sets and other personal factors.

Why Become a Technician?
  • Set Your Own Schedule ⏰ - Be your own boss and work whenever you want. Select the jobs that fit your schedule and skill-set

  • Get Paid Weekly 💰 - Techs average $150+ per job. Add skills to your profile to increase your weekly earnings

  • Join the Community 🙌 - Grow your skill-set and network while bettering people's lives through tech

The Role:

As a Technician, you will provide on-site user support for customers in need of help with their various technology devices and systems. You will be able to select from a range of jobs such as:

  • TV Mounting

  • Aircon Installation

  • Washing Machine Installation

  • Dishwasher Installation 

  • Television Repairs

  • Washing Machine Repairs

  • Dishwasher Repairs

  • Aircon Repairs

  • Computer/Printer/Networking Support

  • Home Theater Installation

  • Smart Home Installation

  • In-Wall Cable Running

  • Understanding of various technology devices, appliances, including installation, set up and security

  • Great attitude and enjoy helping people!

  • All the necessary certifications and insurances

In a Zwecks Home, Technology Just Works !

Personal Information

By providing us with your phone number and clicking "Submit", you agree that we may call or text you regarding your application. Message & data rates may apply.

Thanks for submitting!

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