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Choose the best portable air conditioner for your home [A Beginner’s Guide]

Many people use air conditioning to escape the heat when the temperature outdoors reaches extremes. However, it could be that many people are willing to handle installing the entire home's air conditioning or the annual chore of installing a window unit. For many folks, portable ac units are a perfect alternative because they offer an efficient, quick-to-implement solution. Read on for our professional guide to the elements you should consider if you're thinking about getting the best portable air conditioner options for you.

Effective tips to choosing the best portable air conditioner in Australia

You can tell summer is coming because the temperatures are rising. Nowadays, a lot of houses are attempting to stay cool. A portable air conditioner ought to be at the top of your list if you're considering what appliances to buy. Before looking around for the best air conditioners, here are a few things that you should bear in mind.

Cooling Ability

How well it will cool is, of course, the most crucial factor for anyone purchasing an air conditioner. There are two ways to measure it for portable units. The square footage stated in the product details is the easiest way for consumers to estimate cooling power.

This number will apply to every unit, typically 350 to 700 square feet. We advise deducting roughly 10–20% from the headline amount to determine whether it will fit in your location to ensure the unit you choose has enough power. Consequently, a team claiming 500 square feet of cooling capacity would be perfect for a space of up to 450 square feet. British Thermal Units, or BTUs, are an alternative.

It is the standard method used by experts to gauge cooling capacity. Generally, 12,000 BTUs will provide cooling for around 500 square feet. Therefore, 350 square feet should be cooled by an 8,000 BTU unit. To chill 750 square feet, it would need 18,000 BTU units.


While looking around the best air conditioner brand, consider the unit's noise output as one last factor. You don't want a constantly running machine because it will make it challenging to talk over, block out television sound, or keep you awake at night.

Thankfully, most of the appliances operate between 50 and 60 decibels. That is undoubtedly loud enough to be heard but not problematically so. It is generally equated to light rainfall or discussion on most scales.

Most products will show their decibel level in the website specifications, but we've discovered that it's frequently preferable to look at customer reviews to see whether loudness is an issue.


In actuality, most portable air conditioner filters could use some improvement. Since the webbing is so tiny, we've discovered them to be fragile and ineffective. The fact that these filters are washable and reusable is a benefit.

A dedicated home air purifier is more likely to make you happy than depending on a portable air conditioner to perform the job, though, if you are the kind who is interested in also severely filtering the air (due to allergies or just odors). So, this is another factor that you should consider while searching for the best air conditioner in Australia.

Consumption of energy

Using an air conditioner will require a lot of electricity, as you might anticipate. That has the result that if you use the air conditioner more frequently, your power cost will increase.

And while power consumption is crucial for the circuits in your home, we genuinely believe energy efficiency is more crucial. 20-amp circuits are used in the majority of contemporary dwellings.

Before you get into difficulties from overloading the breaker, which can supply more than 2,000 watts of power, with 15-amp circuits, which are expected, you can only use roughly 1,500 watts before overload danger arises.

If your portable appliance consumes 1,200 watts, you are utilizing most of the 15-amp circuit's capacity and nearly half of the 20-amp circuit's capacity. Therefore, you must be careful about how much power you consume if you intend to use it on the same circuit as other lights or outlets.

A listing of each unit's wattage will be present. As a general guideline, anticipate units to consume 1,000–1,300 watts. Also, if possible, we advise using a separate circuit for portable air conditioners.

Air conditioner 5 star: Why should you invest in a portable model?

You can tell summer is coming because the temperatures are rising. Nowadays, a lot of houses are attempting to stay calm. A portable air conditioner should be on your list if you're wondering which air conditioner is best?

Reduce your energy costs

The fact that portable air conditioners are substantially smaller than conventional air conditioning systems is a good factor. Portable air conditioners are just utilised to chill the room they are in, as opposed to needing to cool the entire house. As a result, a portable air conditioner can efficiently and with much less energy keep your room cool and cosy.

In fact, compared to a central AC unit, running your portable AC all day will cost you roughly five times less! If you work from home or spend a lot of your time in the living room or office, this is a perfect alternative for you.

Provides a variety of options

Typically, portable air conditioners provide more than just chilly air. Some models additionally include additional features, like a "dry" option. It is helpful in humid areas where mold and water problems are frequent.

Ionizers are a feature of other models. With negative ions, this device aids the portable air conditioning unit to remove dangerous airborne particles, including germs and bacteria. Using this equipment, you can enhance the air quality within your home while also making it much safer and cozier to live there.

When not in use, can store it

A portable air conditioner has the added benefit of being simple to store or conceal when not in use. Many appliances tend to be bulky and obtrusive, ruining the aesthetic of your area. Portable air conditioners do not operate in this manner.

The majority have a simple, white design that isn't overly striking or loud. Additionally, its straightforward form and layout make it simple to store it in locations like your closet, underneath some shelves, or in storage spaces you may have in your room. In comparison to most other appliances, they also take up less room.

No limitations

The laws governing what you may and cannot put in your home are often quite complex, governed by homeowners associations, city codes, and apartment complexes. Any alterations to the current structure can need you to file a tonne of paperwork and hire consultants, which can be both time-consuming and expensive.

Due to architectural constraints, you might not even be allowed to put a standard air conditioner in your house in some circumstances.

A portable air conditioner is a terrific solution if you want to eliminate this but still need a way to keep your house cool in the summer. They require no installation, as we already explained, and don't stick out from the walls of your house. So there are no limitations on how you can use this equipment.

The best air conditioner 2020 in Australia: Benefits of hiring a professional air conditioner installation company

Even though every home needs to pay attention to money matters, air conditioning installation shouldn't be neglected or depended upon by a novice or unskilled professional.

They hold the right knowledge about the job

For more effective work, air conditioning installation needs special equipment and tools. Protection and safety measures are also required to prevent several issues, including burning wires, crackling, and other damages. Professionals are ready and trained for the job, making them reliable.

Saves your time and money

A professional has complete knowledge of the problems and the solutions. Therefore, the time spent on identification and determination is not wasted. Furthermore, it saves money because a specialist counts the same-sized unit and prevents system overload. As a result, it ensures the system runs for longer.

Preventing warranty damage

You wouldn't want to attempt to install your air conditioning system on your own and unintentionally cause damage that would void your AC warranty. In such a case, you would not be eligible to get the advantages you might have received had the warranty been in good condition. Hiring a professional to protect your AC system's warranty period is the best decision you could make.

Go for it today!

Zwecks: Your solution for air conditioning installation in Australia

When customers choose professional installation, they receive services from a professional in that industry. It makes it possible to identify system faults and take corrective action quickly.

If you are looking around for professional air conditioner installation in Australia, Zwecks can be a perfect choice!

We have the right experience, trained professionals and specific equipment required to help you with professional air conditioning installation.

What are you even waiting for? Get in touch with our specialized team today!

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