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Effective tips to prepare your air con for summer in Sydney

As summer approaches, it's that time of year when air conditioners become essential to our daily life since they help us stay cool and comfortable in the sweltering summer heat. It's always important to check your air conditioner now to ensure it's good to go before summer arrives, regardless of whether you used it over the winter.

To make things easier, we've compiled a list of quick fixes you can perform to ensure that your air conditioner is prepared for the summer in Sydney.

How to keep your air con ready for the summer in Sydney?

Transform the louvres

There's a good probability that the louvers on your split system will be pointed downward if you use it throughout the winter. This is because hot air rises, and having the louvers pointed downward during the winter offers optimal air circulation.

However, cool air naturally descends, so by positioning the louvers toward the ceiling using your remote, you may spread the cool air evenly around the space as it does so. You can be sure to have a comfortable, cool environment every time you start your unit thanks to extra features like 3D Auto Airflow, which uniformly distributes the airflow.

Clean the filters and areas surrounding the outdoor unit

The filters in your air conditioner system are crucial because they capture airborne dust and other particles in your house. However, they need a quick wash once a season to maintain their effectiveness. For ducted systems, this entails removing and cleaning the filter from the return air vent, typically found in a corridor or common area.

Check the regions around the exterior unit for any leaves, grass, or other stray debris that may have accumulated throughout the more windy winter months, and make sure the filters are clean. Any loose debris could obstruct airflow and make your appliance operate less effectively.

Install a new air filter

Every air conditioner used in a home will have at least one air filter that needs to be changed periodically. The purpose of this filter is to remove undesirable airborne particles from your home's air by capturing them. This air filter will eventually clog up from all the particles it has managed to catch.

The current air filter should be removed and illuminated. It still has vitality if you can see past the filter. If you require assistance seeing past the old filter, it's time to obtain a new one. Options include HEPA, pleated, washable, and fiberglass air filters.

Call for professional assistance

While there are numerous things you can do to maintain your air conditioner functioning efficiently throughout each season, we advise that you get your unit professionally serviced once a year. A qualified technician can thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your unit's components.

It might be time to replace your air conditioner if it is more than ten years old, inefficient, breaks down regularly, or costs a lot to repair.

Are you trying to find Sydney air conditioning installation services? So the hunt is now over.

At Zwecks, a team of knowledgeable, trained professionals will care for your installation requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us right away without hesitation.

If you don't want to find yourself in a tricky scenario that could have been avoided, you must wait until the summertime to set up your air conditioner for use. Make an appointment as soon as possible to avoid the busy time of year when technicians are frequently overworked.

Call us right away!

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