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Zwecks I Partner with us for washing machine installation in Melbourne

We have many years of experience and provide each client with excellent services. We have installed numerous washing machines of different brands and designs. You'll find that we offer excellent services at very affordable costs. Our staff members are qualified and receive continuous training to maintain their skills and knowledge up to date.

Therefore, we could be a big help if you're looking for a reliable washing machine installation in Melbourne.

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Install Washing Machine in Melbourne

As a customer-focused company, we place a premium on customer happiness. Every task is carried out whenever it is most convenient for you, with the least possible interference with your household activities. Additionally, we are qualified to provide guidance and recommendations on other topics, including plumbing fixtures, the best location for appliances, and more.

For any extra information on our washing machine installation in Melbourne, get in touch with Zwecks immediately!

Completely certified trades

All technicians are accomplished professionals.


Quick and trustworthy service

We take pride in prioritizing customer service and are always on time.


Easy process

We ensure everything goes well and provide the finest experience for our clients as specialists.

Standard Washing Machine Installation

What's included:

  • Removal of your old washing machine if needed

  • Removal of transit bolts if needed

  • Installation of your new washing machine and connection to existing water and power

  • Leveling of your washing machine

  • Test cycles to make sure there are no leaks

  • Removal of all rubbish

How does it work? 

  • After receiving purchase, we will organise the Installer to contact you directly

  • Arrange for installation on a date that suits you

  • Installer will then come to you to set up the unit

The requirements for installation may vary depending on the layout, location and structure of your house. As a result, some additional costs may apply.


The most common reasons for additional costs are:

  • Adding new water outlets (TBQ)

  • If an anti-flood hose protector is required (TBQ)

  • If a pressure limiting valve is required (TBQ) – certain models will require less than 500 kPA water pressure

  • If a water isolation valves is required (TBQ)

  • Installing new power points (from $150)

  • Installing complete new water lines (TBQ)

  • Installing complete new power circuits (TBQ)

  • Running of extension hoses ($80)


*TBQ = to be quoted


Note: Your installation specialist will call you ahead of time to discuss the location of your new appliance. If the installer comes to your house and unexpected charges are required, they will explain the reasons and requirements for the additional charges (if there are any) before proceeding. If you choose then not to proceed, a non-refundable callout fee of $99 will be payable.


Deliver . Install . Repair . Support

Zwecks technicians are consistent, trustworthy, experts and committed to their work.

A national warranty and installation company that serves all across Australia and New Zealand.





Why Contact Professionals for Washing Machine Installation in Melbourne?

Installing a washing machine is more difficult than it first appears. The unit's size, especially if it will be placed between cabinets, walls, or other furniture, as well as the positioning of the water line, drainage system, and the appropriate hose fittings, must all be considered. If the appliance is not installed correctly, it won't work as it should, and leaks could occur throughout your washing machine.


Do you need professional washing machine installation in Melbourne


Connect with us today!

Zwecks offers Peace of Mind guarantee for all the installation and support services.
Zwecks Peace of Mind Guarantee

Your peace of mind is

our mission

We're committed to your complete satisfaction with our service. If you're not 100% happy, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Highly Reliable Washing Machine Installation Specialists in Melbourne

Finding the best washing machine requires time and study. Knowing which of the numerous brands, sizes, and functionalities best meets your needs—and, more importantly, your laundry—is necessary.


It's important to understand that installing a washing machine entails some factors, whether upgrading, moving, or replacing an old machine. Be kind to yourself and relax. Contact Zwecks if you need help installing a washing machine.

Service as soon as today

In-home service from 8 AM to 5 PM. Book online or by phone in minutes for service as soon as today!

Zwecks offers in-home services from 9 AM-9 PM.
Zwecks provides all national warranty and repair services.

All your tech needs covered

If you're not satisfied with the membership in the first 30 days, we will refund the cost of the membership, no questions asked.

Client’s Corner

How have customers been satisfied by our Melbourne washing machine installation company?

Zwecks Technician at work.

We’re Technicians

We are the medics to those machines which are in need of technical assistance. We are a community that enjoys solving problems and welcome challenges. We are passionate about our work and our customers.

Zwecks Technician Examining Air Conditioner

We’re Professionals

We are timely, knowledgable, and courteous. We treat our customers’ homes and belongings with utmost respect. We’re honest about our abilities. If we don’t know the best answer, we’ll investigate and provide an accurate follow-up in a timely manner.

Zwecks Technician with Broken Screen

We’re here to help

We truly care about our customers. We’re happy to answer questions and provide customers with additional information and education on-site. We use our knowledge and passion to recommend useful tech products and services.


Is it worth it to spend the money installing a washing machine in Melbourne?

If in doubt, choose this option because washing machine installation is frequently affordable, especially if bought with your equipment.


How much time does it take to install a washing machine in Melbourne?

Well, it would take just a few hours for an experienced professional to complete the washing machine installation process for you.

Can I install a new washer on my own?

It is an easy DIY project to replace an old machine with a new one and place it in the same spot as your old one, provided your plumbing is operational and sufficient for the new machine. Connecting it in and attaching the necessary pipes is all that is required.



The professionals at Zwecks took care of my washing machine installation for my home in Melbourne. They were quick, efficient and very friendly. 


I am highly impressed by the washing machine installation services offered by Zwecks in Melbourne. The team is very helpful and ensures your work is done without any hassles! 


They were very patient while installing my new washer. I highly recommend hiring Zwecks if you need a washing machine installation service in Melbourne. 

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