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How to prepare your air conditioner for summer in Brisbane?

Don't get caught sweltering in the summer heat when the temperature rises! The last thing you want is to discover that your central air conditioner isn't working on the first extremely hot summer day. But this might be the case if you need to perform some short annual maintenance before summer.

Wondering how to prepare your air con for summer in Brisbane? We’ve got some quick tips for you. Check them out right below.

How Can Your Air Conditioner Be Prepared for Summer in Brisbane?

Whether you have a split or a ducted refrigeration system, try to keep Brisbane's summer heat from getting the best of you. Your air conditioning system's energy usage and operating costs can be reduced with routine maintenance.

Security First

Before repairing your air conditioning system, shut off the circuit breaker. Before working on your air conditioner, switch off the electricity to the condenser at the service panel. A 240-volt weatherproof disconnect box is often placed next to the condenser. This has fuses, a lever, or a circuit breaker to turn off the condenser. Make careful to unplug this as well.

Examine the Coolant Lines

From the evaporator on the air handler of your air conditioner to the condenser outdoors are tubes or pipelines that carry refrigerant. These lines are often insulated with foam coolant lines. Examine the insulation to check if there are any spots where it is torn or missing entirely. If so, swap it out for fresh foam insulation sleeves or spirally wrap the lines in foam insulation tape.

Replace or clean the filters

When your furnace or air handler filters appear clogged with dust, clean or replace them. Or, at the very least, twice a year. If you don't replace these filters, airflow will be impeded, which will lower your air conditioner's effectiveness. Dust is also brought back into your house by dust filters.

Clean the condenser coils on the air conditioner

Condenser coils and your air conditioner's fan should be cleaned of debris. The condenser unit of a central air conditioner is usually outside. It is a sizable fan enclosed in a metal box with grille-like sides. Uncover your condenser unit if it was covered during the winter. There is probably not a lot of debris to remove in this situation. You'd probably need to remove a bigger buildup of leaves, yard waste, and dirt if it wasn't covered. Ensure that the fan is clean and free of any obstructions. After that, look inside the package. Condenser coils that resemble radiators are crossed by air.

Hire Zwecks for air conditioner installation in Brisbane

Are you searching for Brisbane air conditioning installation services? Then stop your search.

Zwecks has a group of qualified, experienced experts handling your installation requirements. All you have to do is contact us immediately!

You must wait until summer to configure your air conditioner for summer use to avoid ending yourself in a frustrating situation that could have been avoided. Technicians are usually overworked at this time of year, so schedule a visit as soon as possible before the real demand begins.

Give us a call right away!

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