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How to keep your air conditioner ready for the summer in Perth?

Many homeowners worry about organizing a pleasant family summer vacation and putting up their home pool as the summer heat approaches. While there is much to be excited about, you must first consider the fundamentals. Your home's air conditioning system is major in how comfortable it is inside during the sweltering summer.

For the coming summer in Perth, it needs to be well prepared.

Tips to keep your air con ready for the summer in Perth?

Install a fresh air filter

There will be at least one air filter in every household air conditioning unit that needs to be changed frequently. This filter's function is to capture undesired airborne contaminants so that they don't circulate in the air in your home. This air filter will eventually become blocked because it will have captured so many airborne contaminants.

Pull out the current air filter and shine a light on it. If you can look through the filter, it still has some life. It's time to get a new filter if you need help seeing through the old one. HEPA, pleated, washable, and fiberglass air filters are all options.

Purify the outside unit

It's time to go outside after you've finished cleaning the inside unit and installing the access panel. Starting, you should take off the AC grille. Use a hose to remove loose debris on your compressor unit's fins or other parts.

Organize the area around the outside unit

It's time to evaluate the condition surrounding the outside unit once you've cleaned it off and put the AC grille cover back on. Remove any loose material, such as sticks and leaves. The unit must have any bushes or tree branches within a few feet of it pruned back. The area around the outdoor unit must be at least 2 feet in diameter. As a result, the air will flow freely through the appliance.

Keep Your Inside Unit Clean

Your air conditioner needs to be thoroughly cleaned to function at its best. Start with the inside air conditioner if at all possible. So that there is no possibility of an electrical issue or harm, you should shut off the circuit breaker that is connected to your air conditioning system.

Remove the indoor air conditioning unit's access panel. Evaporator coil cleaning should be done first. Debris may eventually stick to your evaporator coil. It's preferable to use a foamy cleaner made especially for coils. The debris will drop into the drain pan while the foamy cleanser works.

You will require a specialized cleanser, which you can purchase online or at your neighborhood hardware shop, to clean the condenser coil. Since the cleaner must work hard to get rid of all the dirt that the external elements cause that is glued on, it will be quite acidic.

Hire Zwecks for air conditioning installation services in Perth

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, inefficient, frequently breaks down, or costs a lot to fix, it might be time to replace it.

Are you searching for air conditioning installation services in Perth? Then the hunt has ended now.

A group of qualified, skilled professionals at Zwecks will care for your installation needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us straight away!

You must wait until summer to set up your air conditioner for summer use if you want to avoid finding yourself in a challenging situation that could have been avoided. Since technicians are typically overworked at this time of year, schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid the busiest season.

Give us a call today!

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