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Canopy/Glass Canopy - Rangehood Installation

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Product Details

Canopy/Glass Canopy - Rangehood Installation

What's included:

  • Mark out fixings and mount bracket
  • Hang new canopy rangehood and connect to existing ducting and power
  • Install flue cover
  • Test to make sure all functions are working
  • Remove all rubbish

Swap-overs of appliances that are like-for-like in size and requirements are included as part of every installation. However, if extra work needs to be done, extra charges will apply.

Extra works include:

  • Wall penetrations for ducting (From $250)
  • Installing shelves for ovens range hoods (From $100)
  • Minor cabinetry work (TBQ)
  • Roof penetrations for the ducting of rangehoods (From $350)
  • Cutting down flue covers for range hoods (From $50)
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