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Dishwasher Standard Installation

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Product Details

Standard Dishwasher Installation

What's included:

Standard Dishwasher installation

  • Installation of your new dishwasher and connection to existing water and power (this may involve cutting a minimum 70mm cabinetry hole to accommodate the anti-flood hose protector)
  • Levelling of your dishwasher
  • Test cycles to make sure there are no leaks

How it works:

  • After receiving purchase, we will organise the Installer to contact you directly
  • Arrange for installation on a date that suits you
  • Installer will then come to you to set up the unit

The requirements for installation may vary depending on the layout, location and structure of your house. As a result, some additional costs may apply.

The most common reasons for additional costs are:

  • Adding new water outlets (TBQ)
  • If an anti-flood hose protector is required (TBQ)
  • If a pressure limiting valve is required (TBQ) – certain models will require less than 500 kPA water pressure
  • If a water isolation valves is required (TBQ)
  • Installing new power points (from $150)
  • Installing complete new water lines (TBQ)
  • Installing complete new power circuits (TBQ)
  • Running of extension hoses ($80)

*TBQ = to be quoted

Note: Your installation specialist will call you ahead of time to discuss the location of your new appliance. If the installer comes to your house and unexpected charges are required, they will explain the reasons and requirements for the additional charges (if there are any) before proceeding. If you choose then not to proceed, a non-refundable callout fee of $99 will be payable.

Peace of mind installation

The quality of your installation plays a big role in the maximum efficiency, safety and long term reliability of your dishwasher. When you arrange your installation through us, we guarantee the services of a licensed installer who specialises in dishwasher installations. Don’t risk your investment with anything less!

Please note: Service includes installation only. Dishwasher not included.

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